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3D Viewing

When you are connected to a model, you can visualize the model in 3D viewer. First connect to the model by using the option "Open IFC file", then you can turn on and off the 3D panel using Show/Hide 3D viewer option in the list of panels on the right hand side of the window 

You can navigate either by the functional structure, or any room group or classification in your project. You can also navigate based on the IFC structure, which will appear when an IFC model is connected;

  • Function: Displays all room objects in the model and highlights in red the rooms that are in the current function you have selected.
  • IFC level: Project/site/building/floor: Displays all objects within the selected area, thus the whole building if you are on the building or floor if you are on a floor. You can highlight the various rooms in red by clicking on them in the room list
  • Double-click on rooms: Zooms in on the room looking straight down and shows all objects. You will be in a floor view.

By right-clicking in the viewer, you can access various viewing options:

  • Navigation Mode: Determines how the viewer behaves when you use the mouse/keyboard directly in the viewer. The default mode is Spin which will let you rotate the model by clicking and dragging around the rotation point you choose by clicking in the viewer or by using the keyboard. You can zoom in/out using the mouse wheel.
  • Transition Mode: Determines whether or not you get an animated transition to the next view.
  • Performance: This determines how detailed the object view is. Medium will hide all objects that occupy less than a small percent of the screen. If you feel that you are "losing" objects you wish to see, you can set this to the Best quality. If the model is large and you are experiencing poor performance, you can choose Best performance. Then you will see fewer objects, but viewing becomes quicker.
  • Space Wire Frame: Frames room objects so that they can be easier to identify/distinguish
  • Image: Saves the contents of the viewer to a file.

You can also save the image directly to the project, function or room by selecting what you want to save to, and clicking on the camera symbol in the top menu ribbon under "BIM" :

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