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Addressing specific fields and values

In the samples and building blocks included the dynamic GUI values is processed in the order they are structured in the XML file. This layout will adapt if data changes but is limiting if you want to control exactly where specific flags, groups or fields are printed. If you want to get a specific field value from the dynamic GUI data dragging and dropping from the XML data tree will generate the following XPATH


This is unfortunately no good because it will match all field values and not the specific one you are after. To achieve this, you have to add some conditions for which flag, group, element and field you want. Each element in the structure has a number that is used as identification (e.g. flag-no, group-no etc.) so we use this to address the field we want e.g.:

flag[@flag-no='10']/group[@group-no='10']/element[@group-element- no='11']/field[@field-no='10']/@value 

This will get field in flag with no 10, group 10, element 11 and field 10.
Be aware that when doing this the report will not work if you move the field to for instance a different group or you run the report on a different project where the UI is not the same.

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