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ArchiCAD Objects

The ArchiCAD Add-On enables you to synchronize information between ArchiCAD Objects and dRofus Items as well as maintain synced Item Lists for ArchiCAD Zones with dRofus Rooms.

To use this functionality ArchiCAD Zones must be linked with the corresponding dRofus Rooms.

The ArchiCAD Objects must also be linked with the corresponding dRofus Items. dRofus Items can be linked with ArchiCAD Objects of many element types, including Doors, Windows, Walls, Curtain Walls, Slabs, Electrical Equipment, Lighting Fixtures, Columns, Beams, Roofs, Morphs, Shells, Skylights, Railings and Stairs.

This chapter describes the processes for linking and synchronizing Item Types, Item Occurrences, as well as comparing and managing dRofus' Items in Rooms vs ArchiCAD's Objects in Zones.

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