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Category selector

To control which objects are read from the IFC file and thus, are visible and available for synchronization in the dRofus interface you can use the Category selector. The Category selector is available from Item module → BIM → IFC configuration → Categories.

The dialogue that appears will display all IFC classes and sub classes, where you can activate and deactivate classes on an detailed level. If nothing has actively been selected in the IFC classes hierarchy, all classes are shown. This is the default setup in dRofus;

If you select an IFC class that has subclasses, e.g. like IfcFastnerer in the image above, all sub-classes will also be shown. If you select an IFC class, all unchecked will not be shown. In the example below, we have selected ‘IfcFurnitureElement’ in the Category selector, and we can see that the IFC pane have updated to only show the Ifc class ‘IfcFurnitureElement’ and it’s associated Items;

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