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Client program

The client program (dRofus) is a Windows only program. The client program comprises the interface with the users which they utilize to edit data and generate reports. The program can be run on all recent Windows computers. There has been a significant focus on simple navigation and a simple and easy to understand structure throughout the program, so that users with little knowledge of the use of Windows applications will be able to use the program. The client program is shared among all the dRofus installations.

You have to log in to the central database in order to utilize the program. All user access is controlled by the program and it is therefore available for free download from our website.

The client software  can run on Windows 64-bit platforms. For system requirements, ref. the document Introduction to dRofus.

Network installer

The normal install package can be downloaded from and will install in the users profile. The installation does not require administrator rights to the computer. This installation will update when new releases are available automatically.

MSI deployment 

If you want to install the program centrally for multiple users you can use the MSI installer. The MSI installer can also be used for installing a specific version of dRofus which will not upgrade automatically., 

The .msi-package supports /q for quiet install. This requires the .msi to run as administrator. 

The .msi-package can be removed using Apps & Feature, and is named dRofus Machine-Wide Installer

See for more installation options

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