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Import Revit Rooms or Spaces to dRofus

Step 1: Set attribute configuration for Rooms.

Read more: Revit Attribute Configurations

Step 2: Set dRofus Room Function structure.

  1. Identify the Room Parameters within Revit which contain Functions / Sub Functions information.

Example on Revit Room Parameter:

  • "Building" as the 1st Function level,

  • "Level" as the 2nd Function level

  • "Department" as the 3rd Function level

2. Define if the Revit Parameters includes name, number or both:

a) Name only: When the Room or Space parameter includes only the Function name, it will generate a new Function in dRofus bearing that name (if it does not exist), and automatically assign a number to it during import.

b) Number only: When the Room or Space parameter includes only the Function number, it will create a new Function in dRofus with that number (if it doesn't already exist) and keep its name blank.

c) Number and Name: When the Room or Space parameter contains both the Function name and number, separation character used to split the name and number has to be specified.

If you haven't yet determined which Functions/Sub-Functions you want your Rooms/Spaces to be imported into within the predefined Function Structure, you can import them into a temporary Function in dRofus and then relocate them to the desired Functions/Sub-Functions in the dRofus Client at a later time.

Step 3: Define which Rooms that will be included in the import to dRofus.

  1. Tick box “Only placed” to include only Room(s) or Space(s) that are placed in the model.

  2. Tick box “Only primary design option” to only include rooms that fall under the Primary Design Option.

  3. Use checkbox to define which rooms that should be and not be included in the import to dRofus

Step 4: Select “Import Rooms”

Import Example:

Import Rooms in level 9:

Result in dRofus:

Note that the Function "LEVEL 9" has acquired "12" as its Number. This can be easily changed within the "Properties" panel on the right-hand side:

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