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Track changes: Revit Rooms, Spaces and Areas.

When the "Start tracking" feature is activated, you will see that the Icon has changed

This feature able you to select or create a dRofus Room to link to whenever a new Revit Room is created. You will also be given a few options as actions to take when a Revit Room is deleted. With this feature, you can ensure that all the Rooms in your model are properly linked to Rooms in dRofus.

Place a new Room

Step 1: Place a new Room in dRofus.

A dialog box will appear with all rooms in dRofus that are not linked with a room in Revit:

Step 2: Select Room

a. Select rooms that exist in dRofus and select “Link”. You can use filter to search for the room in dRofus that you would like to link to the new room

When a Room is placed in the model, it will disappear from the list.

b. Create New Room: You can create a new room in dRofus

  1. Select location in the Room Function Structure for the new room.

  2. Select “Create New”.

You can also create a new room based on a room template by selecting on under the Room Templates tab.

Step 4: Tick the box 'Update dRofus with configuration' if you want to update dRofus with the design information set in the configuration.

Deleting linked Room

When tracking is activated and you delete a Revit Room, you will be asked whether you'd like to leave the Room in the Revit schedule and update dRofus with the latest design information.

Auto Sync

When tracking is activated and changes are made to a room, space, or area in the model that is related to the current configuration, the entire configuration is synchronized accordingly.
For example, if a wall moves to change the Design Area, the Room Name will also update when:

  • Design Area is configured in Revit to update dRofus

  • Room Name is configured to update the Revit Room Name from dRofus

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