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Dynamic Graphical User interface

dRofus Demonar - dRofus Dynamic Graphical User Interface (DynGUI)

Room data

dRofus Demonar - The dRofus Room Data Sheet explained - YouTube

dRofus Demonar - Customising Room Data Sheets

Data validation

dRofus Demonar - Design Validation Brief vs Design


dRofus Demonar Series - Linking dRofus Attributes to Model Parameters


IFC Demonar - Managing data between IFC models and dRofus - Part 1 of 2

IFC Demonar - Effective Utilisation of IFC for dRofus Client and Web - Part 2 of 2

dRofus WEB

dRofus Demonar - Effective Use of dRofus Web - YouTube

dRofus WEB introduction video

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