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Different group styles

The XSL report template styles for flag is mostly about how to layout the groups, but for groups we have more options for how the data is presented.
The following styles are supported:

  • description-group (and document-group). This will print the element label (if the element has one) in a separate row and then print the element in the whole available width.
  • group. This is the default, and most common group. This will print the data the most similar to the way it is presented in the client. It will make one column for the element label and then one column for the fields (data) where all the data for the element will follow. So if you have an element with a text field and then a numeric field the numeric data will be printed right after the text is finished.
  • flow-group. This will just create one row for each element and let the fields (data) follow right after the element label (no defined with for element label). Use this if you have very limited space and it is not important to make the data align.
  • dyn-field-table. Like group it creates a column for the label, but then it will create a new table for each element with as many columns as the element has fields. So if you have two elements with three fields each it will be aligned. This is nice to use if you, for example have many elements with multiple check boxes each and they all have a label. If you use group they will not align, but if you use this they will. Numeric values can be right aligned if specified in option.
  • two-column and three-column. This will split the elements into two or three columns within the group. It will use the same order as they have in the client, but in column one print the first halve (or third) and then continue to the next column. Each group are using the group style. The only exception is if the option to show check boxes first is set - then the style flow-group is used instead. Note that if the group already is within a flag that is two or three column the available space for each column is very limited.

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