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dRofus Data model

Database and Project

A Database can contain one or more Projects.


Room Instances. Not Necessarily surrounded by walls (can be a functional area within a larger space).

Room Structure

Room Functions is a hierarchical structure with a collection of rooms. Usually represent the end users' future organization and performance of the building. The rooms will get a room function number that indicates the location within the room function structure.

Room Groups are an additional way of organizing rooms into groups.

Example of Room Functions and Room Groups

Item list

Item list is a list of occurrences of Items for each Room or Room Template

  1. Item list created from an Item list to a Room Template

  2. Item list created from an Item List Template

  3. Item list created uniquely for the Room.

Templates for rooms

Room Templates are virtual spaces that transmit data and lists of items to one or more connected room instances. Templates can be used to create rooms, and any changes made to the template will be reflected in the data and item list of the corresponding rooms. Additionally, rooms can be created as "derived" from a template, meaning that the data and item list will be copied but not updated when changes are made to the template.

Items, Item Occurrences, and Product

Item Groups

Item Groups is a hierarchical structure with a collection of Items. Groups are usually organized intuitively based on Item type /categories. Items will get an Item number indicating where in the Item group structure it is located.


Item is a generic type object. Not physical. Represent all building elements and equipment.

Parent and Child Item

Parent Item is an Item That has child Items.

Child Item is an Item with a relation to a parent Item. The child Item inherits data from the parent.

Example: Chair

Sub Item

Sub Item is an Item that is nested into another main Item. An Item can have several Sub Items that form a union/assembly/bundle. If the main item is placed in a room or system, the occurrence of the sub item will automatically be created.


When an Item is placed in the project, it is called the Occurrence of an Item. It can be connected to a room or a system or added to the project as an Occurrence. If the occurrence is a member of a system, it’s called a “component.” If it owns a system, it is called a “System Component.”


The actual product that the project has selected to buy for each planned Item or Occurrence. The product fulfills the Requirements for the planned Items and Occurrences.


Register of manufacturers or suppliers of a product


A collection of occurrences in technical systems, for example, Electrical circuits, exhaust air, return air, or logical systems, for example, Walls or Doors.


Groups of Rooms, Items, or Occurrences in a hierarchical structure. It can be used for Asset numbering.


Any files that are uploaded to dRofus. Can be associated with Rooms, Room Templates, Items, Occurrences, products, and systems - as well as project and department level.

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