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dRofus End of Life policy

This page provides an overview of all dRofus features or modules that are reaching or have reached End Of Life (EOL). After the EOL date or version, the feature will no longer be available. Some EOL features and modules will be available in older versions of dRofus. However, we highly recommend that all users upgrade to the newest available dRofus version.

End of life plan

dRofus Feature / Module


Removed from version/date

dRofus 2.6 and older

dRofus version 2.6 and older will not be able to log in anymore

April 2024

IFC 2x3 in Desktop

Opening and creating IFC files with version IFC version IFC2x3 will not be possible anymore. It is replaced with IFC4


Desktop IFC viewer

3D viewer used in dRofus desktop is removed


Graphical function planner

Diagram tool will be removed


Revit 2019
Revit 2020

Support for Revit 2019 & 2020 will be removed as part of normal deprication


IFC Import systems

Feature has been replaced by synchronizing occurrences including IFC systems



Technical Information Database


Legacy login

Replaced by modern login


Custom reports using XSL Templates


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