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dRofus WEB access

dRofus web does not need to be installed, as it runs in a browser, and accessing this address will always return the latest version.

To find the address, accessing the web from the dRofus client is always possible. If you have selected a room, an item, or an occurrence, you will always have a choice at the top "open in dRofus web.” This will always send you to the correct web address.

Open in dRofus Web Menu.

The addresses are as follows for the different dRofus servers:


dRofus web address

Europe, Africa and Middle East

United Kingdom


United States


Australia and Asia Pacific


Save your dRofus web link as a favorite in your browser, to easily find it again next time you need it...

The logon credentials to access the dRofus web are the same as for the client. Your access will be regulated the same way as for the client. Please note that for now, the only thing you can write to in the dRofus web, is the note field on rooms - all the rest is read only

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