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Dynamic Forms - GUI

Customize Windows and Panels

In dRofus, a number of windows and Panels can be customized for individual projects. These windows and panels can be edited using the Dynamic GUI. Administrator rights is required to access Dynamic GUI.

The Following screens are open for editing:

  • Room Data-Room Data Window

  • Function Data-Function Data Window

  • Item Data- Item Data Window

  • Item Occurrence Data- Item Occurrence Window

  • Tabs under Procurement (Tender Group, Tender, Offer, Agreement, Order, Consignation)-Procurement Windows

  • Systems Wndow

  • Reports and Exports 


Dynamic GUI is grouped into 4 levels:

  • Tabs

    • Groups

      • Elements

        • Fields


A tab is one or more groups. These are displayed as a tab in a form and are grouped in reports.

The figure below illustrates the tabs in the Room Data panel:


A group comprises several elements, grouped together in the display and reports, e.g. with a background text and frame.

The figure below illustrates the groups in the Room Data panel: 


Element is one or more fields on a line and a background text. An element may comprise, e.g. "basin/utility sink" as background text and two fields; one numerical field for quantity and one text field for any comments.

The figure below illustrates the elements in the Room Data Panel: 


Fields are used to type in values to be stored in the database.

Field can be:

  • Yes/No field

  • Text field

  • Numerical field

  • Read-only text fields for description (e.g. "Yes/No specify").

  • etc.


The figure below illustrates the fields (data elements) in the Room Data panel: 

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