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Dynamic GUI - RDS and FF-E Specification



This building block is also using:

dynamic-gui-fields-bb.xfc dynamic-gui-flag-bb.xfc







Medum (Usage), Advanced (Modifications)

XML context:

Any node that has flags, e.g. RDS, equipment-specification etc


options = see below for description

This is an alternative (preferred) to using the dynamic-gui-bb-simple.xfc building block.
Look at the sample reports Custom placement of tabs and groups from dynamic GUI.xfd and Example of dynamic GUI styles and options.xfd for how to pass parameters and see the effect of possible options.
Instead of one building block that handles flag, group, element and field nodes, it is broken down into several building blocks. It also has logic where it uses different building blocks depending on the XSL report template defined in the Dynamic GUI editor in dRofus (layout-mode in XML) for both flag and group:

Terminology: Here I will use the same name of the different parts of the dynamic GUI that we use in the xml. See section 6.5 for description of the different parts.
Options: This building block can take several options (described below) in order to modify the layout further. To give an option to the building block you must double click on the building block and click the "more >>" button to add parameters. Add a parameter with the name options and in value you specify the option(s). If you would like to give more than one option, just add them all in the value separated by comma.

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