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Edit Item Settings


In this menu, you can define separators and lengths for your items

  • Start for Item serial number: Specifies where to look for next available running number for items.

  • Validate Serial Length: When checking the serial number of items will be limited to not exceed the defined length. Uncheck to allow serial numbers to go beyond the serial number limit.

  • Show NKKN in Items: Specifies whether data fields related to numbering system NKKN shall be displayed in dRofus.

  • Currency Decimal Digits: Specifies the number of decimal places to show for currency values. The value should be either 0,1 or 2.

  • Default Owner: Default value for owner for new item in room.

  • Default Priority: Default value for priority for new item in room.

  • Enable NS3420 Item Page: Enables the NS3420 data fields in the item detail window.

  • Use change list (Items): The user will be forced to save changes to items to a change list.

  • Use change list (Items in Room): The user will be forced to save changes to items in room to a change list.

  • Use change list (Occurrence Data): The user will be forced to save changes to occurrence data to a change list.

  • Child Item serial number length: Defines how many digits the serial number of the child item should have in the item number.

  • Child/Parent Item Number Separator: Defines which separator to use between the parent and child in the item number. If you use: (colon) as a separator, the item number would look like this: 01.001:1.

  • Item level depth: Max depth of  levels to the function no. (e.g. if there are three levels but the number value is two we only use the first two as part of the function no. Run number is then independent of level 2.).

  • Item Level and Item Number Separator: Separator used between the Item Group Level Number and the Item Number.

  • Item Levels separator: Separator used between different Item Group Levels.

  • Item level separator array: Advanced setting for level separator where you can specify the separator for each level, splitting them using '^'. E.g. 'x^^'. would lead to: 'AxBC.D' (x acts as a separator between level A and B, and no separator between B and C. '.' as separator between C and D. 

  • Item number postfix: If a value is entered, the value will appear at the end of the Item Number. 

  • Item serial number length: How many digits to use in the number.

  • Item list template prefix: Prefix used in front of the number.

  • Item list template number length: How many digits to use for the number in the item list template.

  • Item list template separator: Separator used between prefix and number. 

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