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Edit List with Categories

It is possible to create one or several List with Categories in order to collate set(s) of Items specific to Finishes (where Finishes have been defined as Items). You may want to have a Finishes List, for example, for the Landscape Architect to use and another one for the Interiors Architect to utilize.

When a Finishes List is created then one or more Responsibilities can be allocated to that particular Finishes List (refer Edit Item Responsibility Groups for setting up Responsibilities) so Permissions can be allocated for that Responsibility to control who can edit or use that Finishes List to add Finishes Items to a Room or Room Template.

A List with Categories can in turn contain a number of discreet Categories of Finishes (refer Edit Categories of Item or Finishes Lists for how to set these up).

The illustration below shows the location of the Finishes List settings in the Settings Panel. To create a new Finishes List select "Add" and type in the name and select the relevant Responsibility Groups:

Once the Finishes Lists have been created they will appear in the Room or Room Templates detailed information Panel:

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