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Edit Project Settings

The project settings will enable you to change several project-wide setup parameters.You find them in the left hand menu.

 Below is a description of what each of the available choices do:

  • Classification Number Separator: The symbol you want to use between the numbers in each level of classification, eg. the spaces used in the Omniclass classifications (21-02 20 50, where 21-02, 20 and 50 are on separate levels) or the points used in TFM classifications (01.02.05  where 01, 02 and 05 are on different levels)
  • Default running number length for systems: Number of digits used on running numbers
  • Enable Graphic function planner: Activates Graphical Function Planner. The graphical function planner is not shown on the project if the box is not marked.
  • File Service- Max File Size:The maximum size of documents in megabytes. 
  • Use Change List (Function Data): Force to log change list 
  • Function Program Label width: The width of the background text in the function program 
  • Hide Function Data: If checked, will hide the Function Data Module
  • Hide User Data in homepage: Hides the list of users in active project that may be displayed on the right side of the homepage

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