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Edit User Settings


The settings give the admin user the ability to make changes to key settings in the client.

  • Change Password: When selected, a new window will appear where you can change the password. 
  • Language: Sets the language of the interface.
  • Confirm on exit: If unchecked, the client will close without giving a user a warning that the client will close. 
  • Skip confirmation when adding room: When selected, this will disable the confirmation message when adding a room. 
  • Send PDF report by email, after exporting: Options are as follow→ Follow server settings, Yes, and No. 
  • Clear User Settings: Clears all user settings
  • Clear saved window sizes: When delete is selected, this feature will clear saved window sizes, when the user logs back in, window sizes will be restored to original size.
  • Max height for imported images: Set the maximum height for imported images. The width will be reduced by an equivalent amount to preserve the height width ratio. 
  • Delete all generated 3D files: Deletes local IFC models and 3D files for this project
  • Reload environment: Reload all settings from the database. You can use this if you know something has changed in the environment but is not yet visible. 

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