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Add, remove, or edit email templates. Email Templates are used when creating new projects, or sending on project information reminders. The information an email contains can be customized to the Server Administrators needs. 

Creating and Editing templates

Email templates can be simple or more advanced with embedded code. They can be either plain or HTML format.

We use a templating language called Liquid all features here are available for use.

You can insert variables in the email templates using "{{ variable }}" a list of available variables is further down on the page. We have two types of emails that can be sent, either emails for new users or reminders to existing users. The two types have different variables available.

Available variables for new user email: 

project_user.project.nameProject Name
project_user.project.descriptionProject Description
project_user.nameFull Name of new user
project_user.emailEmail for new user
project_user.first_nameFirst name for new user
project_user.last_nameLast name for new user
project_user.project.database.nameName of database for the project
project_user.project.database.serverServer for database for the project
project_user.project.ownerName of the owner of the project

Control flow variables for new user email


If the user is a completely new user or if they are just new in the project

different_ownerIf the user sending the email is from another owner(or is a server administrator

Available variables for reminder email: 

user.nameFull Name of user
user.emailEmail for  user
user.last_nameLast name for  user
user.first_nameFirst name for the user
user.usernameUsername for the user
serverServer for the user

Available variables for both types


Password for the user(if it has been generated)

current_user.nameName of the user sending the email
current_user.firmFirm of the user sending the email
project_listList of projects the user has access to
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