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Export IFC

Room list created in dRofus can be exported to an IFC file with default geometry from dRofus.
To Export an IFC file, go to BIM → Model connection → Export IFC:

The export will use the default configuration. The rooms will be exported as IFCSpace, which can be imported into design authoring applications that support the import of IFC and used as input for making projections.

Room objects will now be created in the model. These will be seen in the room overview as square room objects. Thus, a room with a programmed area of 25 square meters will be created as a 5x5-meter room object. Each room object also has the properties you have chosen for the objects, e.g., name, function number, and Room data.

The image above displays the IFC file exported from dRofus in Solibri, with the default geometry and room properties/requirements from dRofus.

When creating an IFC model in dRofus, a project in the BIM structure will be automatically created.

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