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3. Filters

3.1 In navigation panel

If your database uses (one or more):

  • Room groups

  • Status 

  • Classification

You can apply those as filters when you browse Rooms, Items, Systems, occurrences or products. You will see an Add filter (1) option in the navigation panel. If you press Add filter you will see all availbale statuses or classifications you can use as filters.

Step one is to select the group type, status type or classification type to filter by. Then you can press the status or classification again to decide which statuses or classifications you want to include in the filter.


In the example above we have first selected classification; Room classification. Then set the filter to include all rooms classified as "Green rooms". The result in the navigation panel is;

After applying filter to in the room or item module all lists (functions, item groups, status, classifications) will be filtered. To remove the filter select the X icon to the right of the applied filter. 

3.2 Filter in colums

See Interface: Desktop application | Sort-the-data

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