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On the dRofus help page, you will find both information about the current version of dRofus and its database that you are using - handy if you have a problem and need to contact support - and several links to the information you may need:

  • - in case you want to see our company homepage with more info about us, general support, and contact information

  • User manual - these pages that you are currently reading

  • Support Videos - we have a Vimeo site with a lot of videos that describe functionality in dRofus that we think our customers would like more info about, stories from different use cases, and other material that we hope will interest you

  • Release Notes - information on what has been included in our different releases. This is particularly relevant if you have received a bug ticket number from us and want to check if it is in a given release.

  • Submit a ticket - a form where you can add your request. If you add your query here, this usually will give us the best information to handle your request as quickly and efficiently as possible, so if you can use this form, it may be easier for us to handle your request quickly than if you send us an email.

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