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IFC Attribute Configurations


Attribute configurations are an essential concept within the dRofus - IFC data exchange. It allows users to:

  1. Specify the Key Parameter / Attribute for linking - i.e., nominate a specific IFC Parameter and a dRofus Attribute, both of which should share a common value. Note - It is essential that the two Key Parameter values selected for each configuration are unique (i.e. no duplicates) for the data matching to be possible.

  2. Specify and map out which IFC Parameters should push their data into which dRofus Attributes during Synchronization for linked Rooms, Systems, and Occurrences

  3. Specify and map out which dRofus Attributes should push their data into which IFC Parameters during synchronization for linked Rooms, Systems, and Occurrences

Attribute Configuration

Administrator rights are required to be able to be able to edit or create new Attribute Configuration

To create a new or edit an existing attribute configuration, click on "Attribute configurations" after opening an IFC file (highlighted below):


An "Attribute Configuration Settings" window will pop up as follows:

If no custom configurations have been created all 'Default' configurations will be used. To edit, delete or create new configurations select Edit on the right side of the configuration name.

  1. Room <-> IFC Room: Link and / or synchronize dRofus' Rooms with IFCSpace

  2. System <-> IFC System: Link and / or synchronize dRofus systems with IFCSystems

  3. Item <-> IFC Item *: Link dRofus Items with IFC objects

  4. Occurrences ↔ IFC Occurrence Link and / or synchronize dRofus' Occurrences with IFC Instances

*3- The IFC model does not have the same type concept as dRofus' Items, Therefore there are no synchronizing option between dRofus Items and IFC type objects. The 

Item <-> IFC Item configuration in dRofus is only used for defining key attributes between dRofus and IFC, The key attribute in the IFC will determine the grouping of IFC instances, hence, determine how many and which Items will be created in dRofus when synchronizing occurrences (an occurrence in dRofus has to have an Item...)

Key attribute

Every configuration is required to have one mapping for the "Key attribute used for comparing”. The key attribute is used for matching.

In the Occurrence <-> IFC Occurrence configuration it is not possible to set your own Key Attribute used for comparing. dRofus is predefined to use the IFC Guid’s that are automatically stored for each occurrence in dRofus. Read more: The use of IFC Guid's in the Occurrence configuration

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