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IFC-Import Troubleshooting

Import occurrence to room

Relationship missing between IFC-objects (such as furniture) and spaces:

If the IFC-Objects are not related to a space in the IFC-fil, dRofus will not know which room to place the Item in. To check the relationshop you can use a IFC-viewer as the free BimVision ( ).

In the picture below you will se an example that shows that the furnitures are not related to a space.

BIM-object that are connected to a space, should be find under spaces in the tree structure in your IFC-fil. See example below

Import Occurrences that are not in room

dRofus will try to place Items in room, if IFC-objects are connected to a space in the IFC-fil. Read more about how to check your IFC-fil in the section ”Import occurrence to room”

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