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Import and Update of Item List Templates to a Room from MS-Excel

In dRofus, it is possible to both import and update Item List templates to rooms in dRofus from Excel by going to dRofus->Import/update and choosing Import/update Rooms. The Item List Templates have to exist in the database before they are imported/updated to a room.

Import Item List Template to a room without an Item List Status

If Import Rooms is selected, this will open a window where there is an option available to upload an Excel file. Once the Excel file has been chosen, dRofus will automatically suggest the first row of data and check whether the program recognizes the column name which matches either with the room properties, group names or Room Data fields in dRofus. This is only intended as a suggestion and must be double checked in the Excel spreadsheet before running the import. Ensure that the correct worksheet has been specified. It does not matter which columns contain the data, but must be specified in the import dialogue box. Only the columns specified for import will be read. Even if theres other information in the spreadsheet, it will not be read. The minimum fields that are required to import an Item List Template with a Room import is the Department Name, Department Number, Room Name, and Item List Status.

Update Item List Template to a room with an Item List Status

If Update Rooms is selected, the window that will open will allow the user to choose whether you want to overwrite existing connections to rooms templates. The option gives the user the ability to remove and replace the current Item List Status. The minimum field required to update the template to a room, is the Room Function Number and Item List Status. 

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