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Import and update of Occurrences from MS-Excel

Users can both import and update occurrences in rooms in dRofus using Excel by going to Rooms → Import/Export → Import/update Occurrences . This will open a window where you can choose an Excel file from your computer. The file must contain data to identify rooms already in dRofus and Items already in dRofus and item data occurrence fields to create a new or update an existing occurrence. Note that only one items list can be imported with new occurrences or updated each time this is task is run.

Users choose to either only 'import new' occurrences that do not already occur, only 'update existing' occurrences, or both import and update at the same time.

When using 'import new' occurrences, all occurrences that already exist are ignored.

When using 'update existing', all occurrences that do not already occur are ignored.

You must select the way to identify the rooms to know where the occurrences will be located, for example, Room Function Number.

You must select the way to identify the items to know which items represent the occurrences, for example, Item Number.

Once you have browed and selected the Excel file via 'Choose file', dRofus will read the column headers and attempt to automatically suggest the first row of data and check if the program recognizes the column name that matches the selected unique identifiers for the rooms and items. This is only intended as a suggestion and users are advised to double checked within the Excel spreadsheet before running the import or update. Users are advised to also confirm that the correct worksheet in the excel file matches the sheet discovered in the automation check. The order of the columns is not required to match the sequence of the fields in dRofus. there can also be data in other columns that are not mapped, only the columns specified for import will be read. If the automation does not correctly map the fields intended to import or update, users can manually map the columns to the available fields that are associated to the excel file by putting the letter of the column in the box next to the field that matches the excel column header. 

When import/update occurrences in different item list, indicate the column number that defines the item list and choose the Item list from the drop down. Note only one items list can be updated or imported per excel task. 

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