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Import Report Template to dRofus

When you have exported the template file you can import it back into dRofus. Go to the Reports and Exports and choose the built in PDF report that contains the data and options that the new report is based upon. If you used one of the samples that follow this document, the report to use stated under “XML from report” section. In the options screen for the report, make the choices that you want to be non-configurable for the user when he runs the report. E.g. if your report is room list and you want the XML to contain area sums that will make your report work, check the “With area sums” checkbox. This will always be checked and read-only for the users that later run your report. Press ‘New/Save’ at the bottom of the screen (if you do not see this button you do not have write permissions to the module this report is intended for)

Make adjustments to the title and description as you want. Tick away the Shared checkbox if you only want this report to be visible to you. If the report is shared it could optionally be placed in a folder (you have to make the folder in the report overview in advance).

Then choose the “Custom template” option and then select your XSL file for upload. You could also optionally upload your original design file (XF Designer file) so that you or anyone else can download this to make new adjustments to the report. Click OK when you are finished. The new report is now visible in the report tree and is ready to run.

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