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IFC Introduction

Brief background on IFC

Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) is an international standard for data exchange in building projects between different computer programs, also called Building Information Modelling or BIM. This provides new potential for data exchange and interaction between all types of programs involved in the building process. Examples of areas of utilization are data exchange between different CAD programs, checking building regulations directly from drawing data, calculation of design information, and delivery of documentation. 

Although the standard does not focus on early stages and programming but rather on design and drawing, dRofus can export a certain amount of critical data. This data can be imported to other programs and used for consistency checks with other data used in a building project. Data exported from dRofus may be used by all programs that support IFC, which is a growing number. 

The most interesting area of utilization for such checks is the control and update of plan data in dRofus in relation to drawings in CAD during the design period. This may comprise controlling a room that has been drawn, updating a designed area in dRofus in relation to drawings, and checking that the equipment drawn complies with the plan. dRofus can import data from IFC files (STEP part 21 format) and carry out such controls and updates.

Go to for more information on the standard and standardization work and to view the standard's documentation.


The IFC standard is managed by the BuildingSMART organization and represents today a very mature standard that is supported by a broad selection of software in the industry.


Closely linked to the BuildingSMART standard IFC is the term Information Delivery Manual (IDM). The purpose of IDM is to describe the various work processes and information delivery in a project. Since the IFC standard is very large, IDM is used to agree upon what information should be delivered at different times during the project. At the moment, an IDM for programming is being developed. This work has also resulted in a COBie specification, "Building Programming information exchange" (BPie) that will substantially affect how dRofus interprets and implements the standard. IFC support in dRofus may therefore change as the IDM/BPie work is completed. Currently dRofus is designed to use as much data from major CAD applications as possible.

This version of dRofus supports IFC version 4x3.

For more information on the BuildingSMART Standards IFC and IDM

IFC Mapping of Parameters

If using Revit to export your IFC file, there is guidance on how to map specific Revit parameters to the IFC attribute called "IfcSpace.Name" here:

If using Archicad to export your IFC file, there is guidance on how to map specific Archicad attributes to the IFC attribute called "IfcSpace.Name" here:

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