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Item Specification


Item specifications.xfd



XML from report:

FF&E → FF&E specifications (→ With pictures)

XML sample file:


Key concepts

Building Blocks, Dynamic page set, Keys, Images

This report uses a dynamic page set for each article (FF&E item) ordered by FF&E number (see 3.13). It uses the standard footer building block, but created a custom header (copied the building block) and added the FF&E number. It uses the FF&E specification building block to show the specification.
The FF&E "Core" information is shown in a table. The price is formatted using the formatting tool (see 3.9). The placement information is the only advanced entry here. Since we don't know what depth in level the FF&E item resides and the level structure is a separate structure in the XML (see 6.2) we use an inline repeat to iterate for each level above, starting at the bottom using the following XPATH:


The first part key('article-ref-index',@id) uses an index to find the level for the article (FF&E). The second part ancestor::level means get all the ancestors of type level (all the parents) from the level. And we then print the number and name for each of them. In order for this to work we also need a key defined in Review → Global XSLT:

<xsl:key match="article" name="article-ref-index" use="@ref"/>
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