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PART 2: Getting Started

Installing Design Studio Publisher

The tool and registration information can be found at

Using the Sample Package

You can download a sample package, containing example reports and data sets and this document, from Old XML Custom Reports. The sample package contains:

  • Reports: Example reports that can be used as a starting point for creating similar reports or simply to learn how to use Publisher.
  • Building Blocks: Building blocks are reusable template parts that can be used in multiple report templates. 
  • Stylesheets: Stylesheets are documents that can define common styles (fonts, sizes, colors etc.) that enable you to quickly change styles in multiple reports in one place.
  • Images: Images used in the samples.
  • Video tutorials: Screen casts with examples of how to create reports and using the samples.
  • XSL: Common special xsl files to include in reports to simplify some tasks.
  • XML: Sample data sets for the sample reports and using with XF Designer
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