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RDS - Cafeteria Aample, 2-Column with Images


RDS - cafeteria sample, 2-column with images.xfd



XML from report:

Rooms -> Room Data Sheet → With pictures

XML sample file:


Key concepts

Layout in two columns. Positioning and including images.

This report is created by first creating a page layout of A3, defining two column layouts in the body region and setting the orientation to landscape.
Then, using building blocks, add room core information and RDS data. By default the RDS data would flow directly below the room core. In order to make the RDS data always start in column 2 you have to select the block-repeat element for the RDS in the navigation bar and in the properties set Keeps & Breaks → Break Before to column.
See section on how to insert images from xml. I used the position of the image to define what image was the detail image and what was the key plan image. In the source path for the image I therefore modified it to:


To get image 2 (key plan) we just change position='2'. By default the images would overflow if they are too big, so we need to control this by setting a max size and placement as described in the images section.
The key plan: After adding the image. Right click on it and select "Absolute positioning". I can then drag it to the bottom left corner of the report.
The room core building block needs an index over all the room ref nodes so the following xpath expression has been added in the Review->Global XSLT window:

<xsl:key match="room" name="room-ref-index" use="@ref"/> 
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