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RDS - Simple Sample, Building Blocks

Filename: RDS - simple sample, building blocks.xfd
XML from report:Rooms -> Room Data Sheet 
XML sample file:xml/rds-datatypes-sample.xml 
Key conceptsRoom info in header, building blocks, dynamic page set 

This report is built up almost only by using building blocks. We have defined a custom header so that we can show both the room function number and the geographical (if it has any value) in the header. It also uses a dynamic page set for each room ordered by room function number. See 3.13 for how to create dynamic page sets and change the order of the rooms. See 3.10 on how to insert building blocks. The room core building block needs an index over all the room ref nodes so the following xpath expression has been added in the Review->Global XSLT window:

<xsl:key match="room" name="room-ref-index" use="@ref"/>
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