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Room Filter in ArchiCAD

Using Room Groups in dRofus' as dRofus filters is a good way to narrow down the list of dRofus Rooms to choose from for linking. dRofus Groups (along with several other Room Properties parameters), can be used as part of the dRofus filters. If your project is made up of two or more models, it is recommended that you manage information about the models to which the various dRofus Rooms belong to.

This enables you to set up a dRofus filter within ArchiCAD based on the Rooms Group value that defines the model to which dRofus Rooms belong (ignoring the other dRofus Rooms that have been planned for other models) prior to linking them with the corresponding ArchiCAD Zones.


In the example above, you can see that you can also combine the dRofus filter with the selection of a Function (in this case - A.07-LEVEL 7) within the Room Function Structure.
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