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In XF Designer you can assign a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) in order to extract the style from the layout. This is an easy way to define a common style (e.g. font size, weight etc.) for common elements in your reports. Then you only need to update your style to change how your report looks like.
In the samples all the reports uses the style sheet dRofus.css. In addition there is also a style sheet dRofus2.css that you can try to assign to any of the sample to see the difference. They both have the following styles:

Style name:


Special style that is applied to the root block in the document. Here you can define the common font and style etc. for all the elements that do not explicitly get another style later.


Defines the background color etc. for the header row in the item core tables.


Defines the border around the item core in building block.


Labels in room core building block. Sets font style to italic


Values in room core building block. Sets font weight to bold, right aligns the text and sets some padding at the end.


Used for the table cell holding dynamic GUI flag label information. Sets background to gray and centers the text.


Defines the border around the content of the flag (the groups).


The group label in dynamic GUI. Font weight bold and a border/line below the label.


Label of elements in dynamic GUI


Values (fields) for dynamic GUI. Sets font style to italic.

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