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Symbols Used When Model is Connected

Symbols and their meaning

Once an IFC file is connected to a project, the following symbols will appear in the room list and Item lists:



This icon indicates that the room is in the model and linked to a room in dRofus.


Rooms in the model but not in the room program. That means dRofus finds no room with the same ID in the room list, either because the room was not created in dRofus or because the room has the wrong ID in the model (according to the configuration).

All other symbols indicate that dRofus cannot find rooms with the same ID in the model. Either the rooms are not in the model, or the rooms have not been properly linked (due to missing or incorrect ID)



This icon indicates that the element in the model is linked to an item in dRofus.



Red warning means there are discrepancies between the planned number (in the room) of this Item and the number in the model.

In the database, all items marked "to be modeled" but for which there are no occurrences in the model have this symbol.


Yellow warning mean there are Item occurrences in the model that are not in the program (not planned in the room).


Green check means the occurrence and number match between the model and program.

In the database, all Items marked "to be modeled" that have at least one occurrence in the model have this symbol.
NOTE, this says nothing about the number of planned Item being equal to the number of modeled ones.

When there's no icon this indicates that the Item is not in the model but that it is also not labeled with "to be modeled."

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