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User settings

Users can specify a number of their own settings from the program. You may not have to change these settings, but it is useful to know about them. You can find Settings in the bottom left side of dRofus.


The image above shows Settings for regular users (not administration users). Users with administration access will have more options. Those are described in more details in the Administration Settings

Profile / Change Password:

When selected, a message will appear in the desktop. When you select OK will close the application requiring you to sign in again.


A browser page will open based on your server. https://ids-{server}/profile. Select Change password to start the process of changing your password.


Starting with your username and current password


Followed by your new password


If your new password is not long enough you will see this message as it needs to be 8 characters or more.


If your new password is not complex enough you will see this message as it needs to have both a lowercase, uppercase and digit.


After successfully changing your password you will see this message returning you to the profile page again. You will also get an email saying your password has been successfully changed.



Sets the language of the interface. dRofus supports several languages that you can choose between. Each project in dRofus has one standard language, however you can choose to use another language than standard. Irrespective of the language you have selected as a user, as most projects require background text and data entered in the program to be in the same language. When you log in to a project which has a different language than that chosen by you as user, the program will ask if you want to change to the project language. We recommend that you accept this choice.

Confirm on exit:

If unchecked, the client will close without giving a user a warning that the client will close. 

Skip confirmation when adding room: 

When selected, this will disable the confirmation message when adding a room. 

Send PDF report by email, after exporting:

When checked, PDF reports will be sent by email after generating. 

Clear User Settings: 

Clears all user settings back to default.

Clear saved window sizes: 

When delete is selected, this feature will clear saved window sizes, when the user logs back in, window sizes will be restored to original size.

Delete all generated 3D files 

This will remove all IFC models loaded locally. 

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