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Using Building Blocks

Building blocks are reusable components that you can insert into you reports. The sample package comes with some building blocks that you can use in the reports that you create. Not only are building blocks an easy way to create new reports fast, but if you extract common parts of your reports into a building block you can update the building block and in that way update all the reports that is using the building block.

To add a building block place the cursor where you want to insert it and choose Insert → Building block. Then locate the building block in the building block directory of the sample package. You can also use the pull down menu under the same menu after you have added the building block directory under Insert → Building block → Manage building blocks.

A building block is made for a specific data context (in the xml), e.g. the room core must be in the section that has the room node as context. The building blocks included in the samples are described in the following sections

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