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XML General

    • drofus-xml: This is the root node
    • drofus-xml/property-set: This is general properties for the project and the reports. The most important properties here are:
      • drofus-xml/property-set/@constructor: Project constructor
      • drofus-xml/property-set/@project_name: Project name
      • drofus-xml/property-set/@print_date: Timestamp for when the XML was generated.
      • drofus-xml/property-set/@title: Report title
    • drofus-xml/project-pictures: This node contains logo/image for the project. There are 3 types of images: image-small is the small logo intended for report, image-large is the pictures showed on the login screen of the client, image-large-print could be used as a front-page large picture for print. To create an image in the report see 3.15.


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