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XML Items

Articles are represented by the /drofus-xml/article-container/article node. This node has a
@id attribute that references back to a /drofus-xml/level/article/@ref attribute as explained above.
Article core attributes are contained in the /drofus-xml/article-container/article/core node. Most of the attributes are self explainable but the most important are:

  • article/core/@article_func_no: Article number
  • article/core/@article_name: Article name
  • article/core/@price: Unit price
  • article/core/@reference: Reference

In addition you will find the following in the article node.

  • article/ equipment-specification: Contains the specification for the FF&E item, se 6.5 for more info)
  • article/occurrence-list: Contains the occurrences of this article in room. See room/occurrence-list for more information.
    • article/occurrence-list/room/@ref: A reference to the room in the /drofus- xml/room-container.

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