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XML Levels

The /drofus-xml/level nodes are general grouping of rooms and articles and will have different meaning for different reports. If you run a normal room list, the levels is the functional structure but if you run list per group the level will be the group types and groups. If you run an FF&E catalog report, the level is the catalog structure. The level nodes can also be nested in each other so /drofus-xml/level/level is a sub function or sub group. Under each level you will find room/article that represent rooms and FF&E items. These contains only a @ref attribute that reference the same item in the /drofus-xml/room- container or /drofus-xml/article-container, see below.
In addition, the level node may contain a /drofus-xml/level/cost or /drofus-xml/level/area- sum that contains FF&E cost or room area sums depending on the report type.

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