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XML Rooms

Rooms are represented by the /drofus-xml/room-container/room node. This node has a
@id attribute that references back to a /drofus-xml/level/room/@ref attribute as explained above.
Room core attributes are contained in the /drofus-xml/room-container/room/core node. The content of this will be dependent on the project as also extra room core attributes, group types etc. are included as attributes. Most of the attributes are self explainable but the most important are:

    • room/core/@room_func_no: Room function number
  • room/core/@name: A concatenation of the room_name and description attribute, separated by a comma
  • room/core/@room_name: Room name
  • room/core/@description: Room description
  • room/core/@program_area: Program area
  • room/core/@design_area: Designed / Actual area
  • room/core/@architect_no: Geographical room number

In addition, the room may contain room/property nodes that represent additional properties (extra room core attributes). These are also in the core as attributes but are represented as node in addition to enable project independent access (as you can iterate through all property nodes, but if you are making a project dependant report it is easier to pick a core attribute directly)
Below the room you will also find:

  • room/rds: The room data sheet. See 6.5 for more details on how this is organized.
  • room/occurrence-list: FF&E list / Equipment in room list.
    • room/occurrence-list/occurrence: Represent an occurrence of equipment in room
      • room/occurrence-list/occurrence/@parent_article_id: If this attribute is present, the occurrence is a sub article occurrence and the id is a reference to the parent article id.
      • room/occurrence-list/occurrence/@priority: The priority of the occurrence.
      • room/occurrence-list/occurrence/article: Reference the article / FF&E item in the article-container
      • room/occurrence-list/occurrence/cost/amount: Contains the net and gross quantity of this occurrence
      • room/occurrence-list/ occurrence/cost/price: Contains the net and gross sum price for this quantity (net/gross count * unit price)
  • room/cost: Contains the sum and count of occurrence/cost with the same nodes and attributes as the occurrence/cost.


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