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Add Priorities to Items Occurrences

Priorities introduction:

Before you start the procurement, you might not know how much you are able to buy. For instance: Some of the Items you:

  • Must have

  • Might buy if the budget allows

dRofus gives you the option to sort Items into Priorites, that makes it easier to sort out which Item to add to the tender. Priorities are project-specific and must be added by an admin user. Add new Priorite

Example: Priorities Groups

Add Priorities to Item Occurrences

  1. Go to the Item module

  2. Select the Item you would like to add priorities to

  3. Select one or multiple select several Occurrences

  4. Go to the Properties pane and select Priority.

You are not able to change the priorities if the occurrence is:

  • In a locked tender

  • Connected to a standard item list. Then you have to change the priorities for the occurrence in the standard list.

Use Priorities to add Items to a tender

When creating a tender you can select which priorities you would like to add Items from.

Priorities you would like to:

  • Purchase Items from: Select “Buy”.

  • Collect price on Items from: Select “Option”.

  • Not add Items from: Select “Not included”

The quantity of the Items that you are purchasing and that you har collecting price from will appear in the overview.

Move Occurrences for Purchasing to Option

  1. Select Item

  2. Select Item Occurrence

  3. Right click and select “CHange between option and procurement”

You will see that the number of occurrence will move to the other option. In the example above “Quantity” will change to 0 and Quantity option will change to 1”

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