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Add Items to a Tender

Add Items to a Tender

  1. Click on the “Tender”

  2. Click on the “Items” tab

  3. Right click in the empty Item list

If the option Add Occurrences from Tender Group is unavailable (grey) there are two possible issues;

  • You only have read access to the procurement module

  • The Tender is locked for edits. To un-lock the Tender go to the Tender tab and deactivate the 'Locked' checkbox and save your changes

4. Click on “ Add Occurrences From Tender Group” and the window below will appear

5. Select the Priorities group for the Items you would like to include in the tender and decide if you are going to buy the Item or obtain Item cost. Read more about Priorities: Step 1: Add Items to Procurement module

6. Click on the “Item” and the Occurrence of the Item will appear.

  • Remove the selection of an item to exclude the Item and all occurrences of the Item.

7. Select Occurrence you would like to add to the tender:

  • Remove the selection of the occurrence to exclude individual occurrences of the Item.

  • Right click “Change between option and procurement” if individual Occurrences have different status then what you have set in step 5.

8. Click ok

You can still delete and enter new occurrences until the tender is locked for editing.

The picture below shows how the Tender would look like

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