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Add or Move Items to an Tender Group:

Add or Move Items to an Tender Group:

Add Items to Tender Group

  1. Go to the “Item” Modul

  2. Select Item or multiple select several Items.

  3. Click on […] to Add “ Tender Group”.

If several Items are selected a checkbox will appears and needs to be checked, to be able to select a Tender Group

If you can’t see the Items in the procurement module- you can try:

  • F5

  • Logg in and out of dRofus

Move Item to another Tender Group

You can move Item by either:

  1. Go to the Item and change the “Tender Group” in the Properties pane

  2. Drag and drop in the Procurement module:

a) Go to the Tender Group

b) Select the tab “Items in the Tender Group”

c) Select one or several items to be moved

d) Left-click, hold and drag these Items to the Tender group you would like to move it to

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