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Advice when registering in the delivery module

Multiple select Items and Occurrences/ individuals

You can change several Occurrences/individuals by hold down Ctrl or Shift keys while marking the occurrences/individuals you want to change.

When you have selectet several Items or Occurrences of Items a selection box will appear in front of each field in the “Edit” window. Use the checkbox to specify which fields you want to edit for all the selected Items/ occurrences. Select the fields you want to use and their value then click OK.


Efficient registration

Register as much information as possible at the highest possible level. If you want to register delivery of an entire order, but with a few exceptions. Instead of registering this information for each individual item:

  1. Select all the items which are complete, or the entire order,

  2. Register that everything has been received

  3. Remove the registration for those items which did not apply,

The efficient use of shortcut key combinations and shortcut keys will also make registration work much more simple

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