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List of database backups

The dRofus server takes backups of all databases every night - An Owner Administrator can access this list by navigating from the projects overview. Select the database, then click on "Backups" within the database detail window:

Here you can see a list of available backups for the selected database. Each backup is tagged with Time and date for when the backup was taken. Select "Restore" if you want to restore a copy based on the backup. The copy will be given the original database name with an date extension in the end. The database copy will be available in the project list as an inactive database, so make sure you have selected the option "Show inactive projects" in the projects overview.

Note: List of backups is only available for databases with active projects.

Select "Download" if you want to download a copy of the database file locally. This option is normally used when transferring a database from one dRofus server to another. 


Restoring a database from a file can only be carried out by a Server Administrator. If you would like to restore a database from a file, please submit this request via Please include the database name, description, and dump. file from which you would like the database to be restored from.

Documents and IFC models are not in the backups and would need to be copied if a backup is used as a replacement to an old database.

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