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Category specific occurrence Configurations

In the case of Occurrence <-> IFC Occurrence configuration, note that there are "+" buttons available to the right for the configuration name;

These enable creating "Sub" Configurations which are used to apply to only Occurrences of specific IFC Categories.


To create a Sub Configuration that would apply to only IFC Category “Walls”, select the "+" button within the Occurrence <-> IFC Occurrence Configuration, select "Walls" as follows:

After selecting "OK", a new (Sub) Configuration window will appear. Here is where the properties on either side are added and the direction in which the values of the properties to go.

The Category specific configurations will allow different data based on what type of object to synchronize. The result in the Attribute Configuration Settings looks like this, where there are established two category-specific configurations for IfcWall and IfcSlab;


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