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Change to alternative Item in the agreement

After you have made an agreement you are able to change the Item in the agreement to another alternativ Item.

Create an agreement with a general offered Item

At the agreement stage you are not ready to decide if you are buying a Red or a Blue Chair.

1.In the offer Registrated:

  • one generel offered Item “Chair”

  • two alternatives Items “Chair - Blue” and “Chair Red”

2. Make an agreement with the offered Item “Chair”

Change the general offered Item to one of the alternative offered Item

You can update the agreement with the selected Chair After the decision is made and before the order is placed.

If the order has been created you first need to unlock the agreement before you can change the Item

  1. Open the agreement

  2. Select the Item

  3. Select one or multiple select several occurrences

  4. Right click

  5. Mouse hover “Change alternative”

  6. Select the alternative Item

The Generel Item has now been replaced with the alternative offered Item for the selected occurrences.

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