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Company Interface

  1. Company: Company overview with Information including name, email, addresses, phone etc.

  2. Contacts: The selected company's contact persons and their contact details

  3. Products: A configurable listing of all products associated with a particular Company. Columns can be added to display associated Tender. (Products are assigned to Items in the Items Overview module.)

  4. Occurrences: Configurable list of locations of instances of the product

  5. Properties: Context sensitive window with editable fields for highlighted window (ie Contact / Company / Product / Occurrence of Item)

  6. Company Ribbon: Displays as two tabs Companies and Import /Export.

    • The Companies ribbon enables users to Create a new Company, Delete a Company, Copy Company, Create and Delete Contacts, and Open Product, New Product, Copy and Delete Product.

    • The Import/ Export tab, when selected brings up a Panel to enable the import of new and update of existing Company information from a spreadsheet and to Import/ Update contacts. For more information on how to import/ update companies click here

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