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Create New or Edit Revit Attribute Configuration.

Project BIM Administrator Rights in the dRofus project are required to edit or delete configurations.

Recommend reading Introduction to Revit Attribute Configurations

Open the configuration editor by

  1. Navigate to the Configuration you would like to work on

  2. Select the "Edit" button beside the type of Configuration

Window will appear:

3: Select Attribute Configuration or create new

4: Configuration properties:

Select if the Configuration should be:

  • Available to other users

  • Default.

5: Link attributes:

a) Select dRofus attribute

b) Select Revit attribute

Notes about Attributes

Attributes with (question) indicates that you can hover your mouse over the name to get a description of that Attribute.

Attributes in half tone refer to an attribute that is read-only and can only be used to synchronize data from. Read-only permissions are necessary for this attribute, as it prevents users from writing data to the database.

NOTE: The attribute can be read-only if the user only have read only permissions to the database, and therefore can not write data to the database

c) Select:

  • [Link<-- ] to send data from Revit to dRofus

  • [Link ==] if it is the Key Attribute. Read more Key attribute

  • [Link -->] to send data from dRofus to Revit

  • [New -->] to create new Revit attribute based on the dRofus attribute and send data from dRofus to Revit.

6: Check attributes: Check if the linked attributes are correct and that the data will be sent the right way.

7. Unlink attributes:

  • Select linked attribute

  • Select “unlink”

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